Is Dehydrated Dog Food right for your dog?

If you're of the mind that raw is best for your dog you may want to consider dehydrated food as an alternative that still packs the nutritional value but avoids some of the pitfalls.  Dehydrated dog food uses only lightly processed or unprocessed ingredients containing high quality animal fats and proteins.  The dehydration process only lightly alters or damages the nutrients in the food while removing all of the moisture thus enabling it to last much longer remaining unspoiled.

The majority of the ingredients are considered "human quality" and most are meant to be re-hydrated with water although most can be fed as is.  Due to dehydrating, the raw food becomes very rich in nutrients which you will want to consider if switching from a more conventional dog food. You'll most likely want to feed your pooch less so he doesn't start gaining weight.

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